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Adore U Glam - Tara


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Adore U Glam - Tara
Adore U Glam - Tara
Discover the premium and punchy product line GLAM by Adore U.

Discover Tara's delicate forms and powerful motor that will stimulate the entire intimate feminine area. Tara's little internal tip is flexible while its external base diffuse intense vibrations.

To unlock vibrator: Press the first button and hold for 5 seconds (the highest button) until the two buttons lights start blinking. Repeat step to lock the vibrator again. If the vibrator isn't locked, press the bottom button to start up to gain instant access to the continuous vibration function.

To navigate between modes: Press and hold the bottom button to gradually increase the intensity of the vibration. Press the top button to access the 8 different vibration capabilities. The first three modes are very fast pulses whose intensity increases; the other five modes offer different pulsating rhythm modes.

To Power Off the vibrator: Press twice on the lower button; the toy goes out. To lock, press 5 seconds on the top button.
  • Flexible
  • 7 vibrating modes
  • Super soft Silicone
  • Powerful and whisper quiet
  • Operating time: over 2 hours
  • Graduated continous vibrations and sensual pulsation
  • Battery operated 2X AAA
  • Splash proof

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