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Bodcare Primal


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Bodcare Primal

Caged and restless? Clawing the walls? Inside you is an animal - your instincts coiled tight like a spring. Primal male virility cream stirs your primitive core, leaving you erotically charged and ready for action. Once applied, the feeling is amazing – warm, tingling and achingly sensual.

Powerful by design, Primal’s active ingredients works directly on the penile tissue and is absorbed almost immediately, leaving you sexually energised and ready for fun. Scientifically studied and clinically proven, the unique blend of ultra-purified, natural plant extracts and enzymes work in synergy to create a very powerful sensation unlike any other. Men who use Primal report a higher degree of intensity of arousal, staying power and an explosive orgasmic release.

What sets Primal apart?
Primal is made from natural ingredients.

Lets face it – there’s nothing sexy about taking a pill. And the after effects can be a downer. With Primal, it goes straight to work where it’s needed and the deep erotic sensation is out of this world. Primal is liberating and has a style all of its own.

While better sex is one outcome from using Primal, it’s not the only one. Whether you’re with company or playing alone, Primal will intensify the experience.

You Just Want to Play
Apply it after a shower, before you go out or just for the heck of it – Primal is sexy. It gives men of all ages control and confidence. Use it any time of the day, free from restrictive time frames or the expense of prescription alternatives. Once applied, it’s hard to ignore what you have going on down there.

  • Ingeniously intimate
  • Intensely sensual
  • Lasting pleasure
  • Greater spontaneity
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Fun
  • All natural

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