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Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath

For Lovers Only

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Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath
Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath
  • Made of ultra soft SilaSkin(TM), it's designed with texturing both inside and out, stimulating user and receiver alike. The design of this adult couples toy provides greater stimulation to both men and women. The insertable length allows for deep penetration in the vagina to reach her g-spot. The super-soft textured interior seriously ups sensations along his shaft.
  • All Fat Boy girth extenders are made with SilaSkin, a proprietaryTPR/Silicone material that is latex-free and has a velvety texture as close to real as you can get. Due to the material content, it should not be used with latex condoms. Though intended to be worn by bio-men, it can be used with trans-men and trans-women.
  • Our Fat Boy Checker Plate is designed with broken lines of ridges, perfect for driving your partner wild. The soft material compresses while in use, so some of the circumference will be lost. This won't limit your partner's pleasure, but instead increase their comfort and intensify the orgasmic experience. This ergonomic attachment rings securely around the balls. After climax, gently roll off the penis to clean and dry easily. This premium lovetoy adds inches to up your lovemaking by degrees.
  • The Fat Boy has significant stretch and compression. For the best fit, add 1 inch to your personal length and choose the model closer to that size. Slightly longer allows more movement and personal stimulation, but a tighter fit may be easier to use. No harness needed, this super-stretchy, durable enlarger can be used not only as an extension for an erect cock, but to increase the dimensions of vibrating dildos. Not intended to provide support to those with erectile dysfunction.

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