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Sir Richard Condoms - Pleasure Dots

Ultra Love

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Sir Richard Condoms - Pleasure Dots
These cute little dots pack a pleasure punch like Muhammad Ali. You won’t hear your woman saying “WOW”, because Sir Richard’s Pleasure Dot condoms will stimulate her speechless. Picture hundreds of little magic dots helping to take her to a place she’ll never want to leave. A little bit of texture can go a long way…again, and again, and again.

You and hundreds of dots working toward one, mutually beneficial goal. Excite and stimulate for the ultimate experience.

About Sir Richard’s Pleasure Dots condoms: Sir Richard’s makes the world’s finest condoms. Each of our all-natural latex products is free of glycerin, parabens, spermicide and petrochemicals. They are Vegan certified, PETA approved with minimal latex odor. We utilize numerous tests to ensure your safety and a number of more enjoyable tests to ensure your pleasure so enjoy them confidently. And, for every condom purchased by discerning people like you, one is donated to someone in a community in need.

Check in-store for our latex free options.

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