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Blindfolds / Masks

S&M - Submit to Silence Kit


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S&M - Submit to Silence Kit
Containing all the tools playful mates need to create some seriously sexy scenarios, Sex & Mischief's devious little Submit to Silicone Kit contains three portable playtime staples able to be mixed, matched and otherwise taken advantage of.

A thick length of soft bondage tape easily takes the place of many types of restraint, from wrist and ankle cuffs to more elaborate tie-ups. The supple PVC material won't tear at delicate skin, and sticks only to itself, plus, it's completely reusable.

Once they're all trussed up, take things a little further by silencing all demands, arguments and otherwise disobedience. The classic beginner ball gag fill the moth completely, stifling speech and controlling the tongue, meanwhile allowing for comfortable breathing. ABS plastic and faux leather vinyl strap cleans easily before and after.

Lastly, the silky blindfold blocks him or her from sight, not only creating instant drama and anticipation, but also heightening remaining senses. The soft material conforms comfortably to the face and secured via elastic behind the head and neck.

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