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About Us

Fifteen years ago the adult specialty business barely existed. Today adult stores are HOT with consumers spending millions on adult novelties and lingerie. The business is not out of back alley entrances but are now offered in prominent malls throughout Canada.
Our target market is couples! We make our store appealing to both men and women by making it easy to select products by category or theme. Our stores are clean, well-lit, and open reasonable hours.

We offer special orders from suppliers throughout North America by using the internet and the computer for quick ordering. We deal with only the leading names in the industry.
We were the first in Western Canada for Adult Video and Boutiques and have been operating successful stores since 1986. We know what works and what doesn't. The Franchisors in the business have a wealth of information and advice covering every topic. Our business is simple and easy to operate.
We currently have 2 stores located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 2 stores in Red Deer, Alberta and 1 store in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.