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GPlug - Small


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GPlug - Small
GPlug - Small
The G Plug is a rechargeable vibrating anal plug. This luxury butt plug features 6 powerful vibration modes with a very simple interface. Use the power button at the bottom of the Gplug to rotate through all six modes.

Made of premium silicone, we recommend only using waterbased anal lubricants.

A USB magnetic charger allows the G Plug to work for up to 2 hours on a single charge. While charging the light on the toy will flash. Once fully charged, the light will stay in continuously. Please Note : During the charging process, the buttons will not work and the toy can not be used.

The G Plug can also be controlled by the Fun Toys G Ring (sold separately).

To connect the G Ring to the G Plug:
- Turn off both the G Plug and G ring.
- Press the "On/Off" button on the G Plug for 2 seconds. Then, the LED light will start flashing, which means that the toy is in the remote control mode.
- Press the "+" button on the G Ring to turn it on.
- G Ring will connect to the G Plug.

To use the G Ring as the remote control:
- On the G Ring, press "+" to start and increase vibration or press "-" to decrease vibration or press "" to change between 6 different vibration modes
- When you press the "" button for 3 seconds, you will switch off the vibration on the G Ring while the G Plug will be in remote mode. The LED lights on the G Ring will be flashing all the time.
- To start the vibration on the G Ring again, press and hold the "" button for 2 seconds again.
- To switch off the G Ring press "+" and "-" together.
- To change from remote to non-remote mode, press "+" on the G Plug for 2 seconds and you will then be able to manually control the toy. (There is no need to press any buttons on the G Ring. It will go automatically to the non-remote mode.

  • Remote controlled vibrating butt plug (G Ring sold separately)
  • 6 vibration modes
  • 100% premium silicone
  • USB rechargeable
  • Unisex
  • 100% waterproof

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