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Her Ultimate Pleasure


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Her Ultimate Pleasure

Whether she is using it solo or with a partner, this toy is a great seller for women! The stimulation of the toy is realistic and its intensity is multiplied. In addition to the sensation of the tongue replicating cunnilingus, her ultimate pleasure also allows a suction of the erogenous zone. That's not all, the handle of the accessory is also a vibrator and can be used to stimulate the G-spot. These three functions can be used simultaneously or independently.

  • Suction, Tongue, and Vibration can be used simultaneously or independently
  • Intense Suction with 2 Pleasure Attachments (round and oval)
  • 4 Powerful Motors Offer 3 Suction Patterns, 7 Tongue Motion Patterns & 10 Vibration
  • Tongue stimulation, vibration, and suction can be use separately or together
  • Silicone Tongue
  • Magnetic USB Charger

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